Become a Licensee for Salvador Dali (el triomf i el rodoli de la Gala i en Dali) property.El triomf i el rodoli de la Gala i en Dali

Dear Sir \ Madam:

 Are you interested in becoming a licensee for a very unique and exclusive brand based on one of  Salvador Dali's most famous artworks known as  "El triomf i el rodoli de la Gala i en Dali" ?

You can learn more about the property in our presentation file . ( Please send us mail for prsentation )

as well as in our web site:

Salvador Brand


The license includes the following:

1. 43 rare and exclusive drawings created by Salvador Dali in 1961.

2. The artist name ("Salvador Dali"), can be used (as part of the credit line)on all products, packaging, advertisings, promotions, etc.

3. Surrealism images created by various artists.


For more information please feel free to contact us at any time.


Very Truly Yours

Marketing Department – V.S. Marketing (2005) Ltd


Salvador Brand Marketing

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